Image consulting Course

The 15 Image Consulting Modules

1. Getting started

Business location
Equipment needed

2. Assessing a client’s needs

What is the client doing right?
What is the client doing wrong?
Assessment checklist
Height and weight – Suiting your client’s needs

3. The importance of colour

Benefits of colour analysis
Warm or cool
The four seasons
History of colour analysis
Colour indication
Conducting a personal colour consultation

4. Style analysis

Recognising body lines
Body proportions
Creating illusions with clothing styles
Face shapes
Hats, scarves and eyewear
Importance of underwear

Choose items of clothing for your clients as an image consultant
As an image consultant you'll pick out items for your client to try on.

5. Hairstyle and make-up

Creating illusions
Matching hairstyles to face shapes
The impact of hair colour
Building your make-up kit
Rules of hygiene
Make-up colours
Application technique
Creating the overall look

6. Wardrobe assessment

An Introduction to wardrobe assessment
Conducting two types of wardrobe assessment/audits
The basic rules
Building a useful wardrobe

7. Seasonal wardrobes

Assessing your basic wardrobe
Creating a seasonal wardrobe
Storage notes

8. Matching wardrobe and personality

The importance of individuality in image consultation
A personality and lifestyle checklist
Considering lifestyle
Personality types
Matching the wardrobe to budget

9. Easing your client into their new image

Helping the client come to terms with their new image
The reluctant client
Dealing with resistance
Tips and guidelines for maintaining their new image

10. Working with male clients

Image analysis
Male colour analysis
Style and shape for varying body types
Occasion wear
Shopping strategies
Personal safety

11. The initial contact with your client

How to respond to a prospect’s enquiry
Identify the client’s area of concern
Listen for the buying signals
Finishing the call

12. How to market your business

Marketing your image consulting business
How to look for work
Printed materials
Using PR to get business
Creating a website

13. Establishing your new business

Setting up your business on a small budget
Types of business
How to write a business plan
Pricing your services
Business operations and accounting
How to keep financial records in four easy steps
Paying tax
Indemnity insurance

14. Expanding your services

Becoming a personal shopper
Meeting up on a monthly basis to go shopping
Keeping your client up to date with latest fashions
Special events
Other services an image consultant can offer

15. Putting theory into practice

Putting your skills into action