Diploma in Counselling Course FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take to complete the course?

The counselling course can take five months to complete. But you can do it as quickly or slowly as you want. That's the great advantage of distance learning.

Do I need to finish the course within a certain time?

You can take as long as you want. Unlike other organisations, we don't set any time limits.

Method of study

Do you send anything to me in the mail?

No, this is an online course.

How do I access the course online?

Once you've enrolled we'll provide you with login details and the name of your tutor. And as soon as you have these details you can log straight into the system and get started on the course.

What are the course costs?

Does the cost for the course include everything I need? Or are there any extra fees?

There are no other costs or fees.

Course duration

How long does it usually take to complete the course?

Many students complete the course in nine months. But you can do it as quickly or slowly as you want. That's one advantage of distance learning.

Do I need to finish the course within a certain time?

You can take as long as you want. Unlike other organizations, we don't set any time limits.

What does the course cost?

You can find the cost of the course by clicking here.

Will the course give me credits towards a degree or some other study?

No. But it will help you set up and run your own business. And we encourage all students to continue their studies after completing the course.

Will the qualification get me a job in a hospital or school?

To get a job in a public organization, you'll need more qualifications than we can offer. Our course is designed to help you work with private clients.

Remember, the easiest way to earn a living is to work for yourself. So in the course we focus on how you can work from home as a counselor.

Are there any restrictions on me setting up as a therapist?

As far as we know, no country in the world can stop you setting up your own practice.

The course will allow you to practise in India as a private counsellor with paying clients.

However, your clients won't be able to claim back your services for medical aid.

For that, you would need a practice number for the Medical Board, which this Diploma is not sufficient.

For the USA and Canada we have written a separate page at www.inst.org/counsel/faqs_USA.htm for information about therapies in the USA and Canada.

What organisations can I join as a member?

Our counselling graduates can join the American Counseling Association as a Regular Member. They can join as a Full Member (Category B) of the Canadian Counselling Association.

Graduates of all our therapy courses may join the International Guild of Professional Practitioners as an International, Associate or possibly Full Member, depending on experience.

Remember that you don't have to join any of these organizations to practise. But they can help you network and keep up to date.

When can I do the course?

Can I start the course at any time?


Where can I study the course?

Is the course all from home, or do I have to go to a test centre?

It's all from home.

Is the course accredited or endorsed?

Is the course accredited or endorsed?

Yes. Our course has been endorsed under the ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality License Scheme.

This means we have undergone an external quality check to ensure that our organisation and the courses we offer meet certain quality criteria.

ABC Awards’ And Certa Awards’ endorsement involves a robust and rigorous quality audit by external inspectors to ensure quality is consistently met. A regular review of courses is carried out as part of the endorsement process.

To this end, the learning outcomes of the course have been benchmarked at Level 4 Award against level descriptors published by Ofqual, to indicate the depth of study and level of difficulty involved in successful completion by the learner.

ABC Awards and Certa Awards is a leading national Awarding Organisation, regulated by Ofqual and the Welsh Government. It has a portfolio of over 650 Ofqual regulated qualifications on the National Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). It has a long-established reputation for developing and awarding high quality vocational qualifications across a range of professions.

When you successfully complete this course you will receive a Certificate of Achievement by ABC Awards and Certa Awards and a Learner Unit Summary (which lists the details of all the units you have completed as part of your course).

Read more about course accreditation here

Do I need to be accredited or certified to become a counsellor or clinical psychologist in India?

No. There is no official certification procedure in India for counsellors or clinical psychologists. You do not need any government recognised qualification.

This is confirmed by the American Psychological Association here

It is not compulsory to obtain any special license or take qualifying examination.

But it is important to be able to demonstrate to potential clients that you have undergone formal training and gained a qualification. The certification provided by the Blackford Centre, which has been training people worldwide for over 20 years, will instil confidence in you and your clients.

Some like to get a licence from the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). The RCI Act prescribes that any one delivering services to people with disability, who does not possess qualifications recognised by RCI, could be prosecuted. This relates mainly to deafness and visual impairment. We recommend that our graduates do not provide counselling to people with such disabilities unless they have got an RCI license. But most people who seek counselling are not disabled.