Excel 2016 Training Course

Breakthrough Excel Training

Be better informed, more in control, and more productive - though better use of Excel 2016

  • Excel helps you make the most of your data. It reveals trends, reduces errors, and removes the drudgery of manual tasks.
  • It will quickly reveal exceptions, such as a high spending employee or someone with poor attendance.
  • Its large collection of templates lets you produce attractive receipts, invoices, labels and timesheets.
  • And it’s great for answering ‘What if’ questions. What if we raised prices by 5%, cut costs by 2%, or added a new line of merchandise?

Yet 53% of employees who have Excel never use it, or just use it to view a spreadsheet, according to Gartner research covering 150,000 users.

Most staff use it for only the most basic of jobs.

This means the power of Excel and all its benefits are going to waste in your organisation.

And even expert users don’t know the astonishing range of things it can do.

For a lot of staff, Excel simply takes up space on a hard drive rather than being used on a daily basis to propel your business forward.

And that’s why Excel training can really help. It will show you uses you’d never thought of. It will reveal shortcuts and tips that make your life easier.

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Excel 2016 training from the Blackford Centre

The Blackford Centre’s training on Excel 2016 is really easy to use.

Sit back and watch our skilled instructors show you what to do on video.

We break down the course into tiny 30-second slots. So you’re never overwhelmed with information.

And that overcomes the biggest problem with Excel. It can be daunting. No way around this. It’s a big beast. Which is why breaking it into tiny sections is the only way to go.

As soon as you’ve had enough, switch the course off, and go do something else.

Come back to the course the following day and watch another five minutes.

Or re-watch the previous section again as a refresher.

The course is yours forever. And it will be available day and night, whenever you’re in the mood to learn some more.

Cast your eye down the list of modules, and choose one that appeals.

We start off with the absolute basics:

  • How To use the File Menu in Excel 2016
  • How to use the Home ribbon
  • How to use the Insert ribbon
  • How to use the Page Layout ribbon
  • How to use the Formulas ribbon
  • How to use the Data ribbon
  • How to use the Review ribbon
  • How to use the View ribbon
  • How to move/customize the Quick Access toolbar
  • How To find Help Inside Excel 2016
  • How To speed up Excel 2016 Performance

Do you know how to do all those things? Great? We intentionally assume no knowledge on your part. You can skip any topics you’re familiar with. Start anywhere you like.

Half way through the course you’ll be tackling more adventurous topics:

  • How to select cells for formatting
  • How to merge and wrap cells
  • How to change fonts, font sizes, font colours, bold, italics and underlining
  • How to apply different number formats
  • How to align and orientate cell contents
  • How to change the Direction of text in a cell

And by the end of the course it’ll be more challenging:

  • What Is Conditional Formatting? What do I use it for?
  • How to create a Formatting Rule
  • How To Change or delete Conditional Formatting Rules
  • How To Highlight Duplicate Values with Conditional Formatting
  • How To Identify the Top Or Bottom Percentage Of Ranges
  • How To use Data Bars
  • How To use Colour Scales
  • How To apply An Icon Set

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How to get the most out of Excel

Our lives are filled with data. And sometimes that wealth of information can be a little overwhelming.

What you really need is a way to itemize, sort, and store that information so that you can access it easily and use your precious time more effectively.

There is a software program that can help you make sense of your busy life. That program is called Excel.

  • Are you keeping on top of your growing business accounts and sales data?
  • Do you really know how productive your staff are?
  • Is that all important data really at your fingertips?

With the power of Excel at your fingertips you can take charge of every aspect of your business, analyse and anticipate trends and problems, and stay ahead of your competition.

Do you make lists of things to do such as inventories or expenditure such as the departmental bills? Wouldn’t it be easier to have all that information readily at hand in a convenient file that can update itself automatically?

When you learn how to use the power of the Excel program you can a powerful tool for making your life run like a well-oiled business leaving you with more time to enjoy life.

Take advantage of the outstanding course Breakthrough Excel 2016 training offered by the Blackford Centre; and take your life to a new level of productivity and pleasure.

Check out this sample lesson


When you complete the training programme you’ll get a Certificate in Excel Beginner – Intermediate from The Blackford Centre.

Both these certificates are ideal for framing and hanging on your wall.

This training suits all sizes of business

Perhaps you are running a small business and you don’t think you need all those charts and graphs—after all aren’t they just for the big executives and their board meetings?

No! Everyone can benefit from learning how to use the full power of Excel.

Even the smallest home office will benefit by using Excel to:

  • Analyse income and expenditure
  • Track tax, superannuation, and insurance payments
  • Provide clear accounts records for your accountant
  • Organize contacts and networking lists

It’s all too easy when you work on your own to let those little details slip but they can become a big headache. Yes, you would love the luxury of having a highly efficient PA but you can’t afford one. Well, Excel is the next best thing and a solid training in Excel will pay for itself in a very short time.

Time is money and you don’t have time to base your business on guesswork. And you don’t have time to be complacent about those important details either. You need to get up to speed with Excel or you risk being left behind.

Read on and learn how the Blackford Centre’s amazing Breakthrough Excel 2016 training programme can transform not just your business but your life as well.

How will Excel benefit my home life?

Running a home can feel like being in charge of a business at times. But whether you want to just keep track of your household bills or see a clear overview of all your engagements and appointments, Excel can make your life so much easier. Modern life can be so hectic now and keeping track of all your bill payments or things to do lists can be daunting.

Excel can be used in the home to do the following:

  • Keep tabs on your heating bills or water rates and detect anomalies such as leaking pipes or sudden spikes in energy use that may require your attention
  • Track your weekly grocery bills so that you can see clearly where your hard-earned money is going
  • Track stocks of essential items such as food supplies so that you know when you need to purchase more
  • Maintain contact and network lists—even check when you last contacted someone
  • Organize your social/meetings/important events calendar
  • Motivate your children with a record of school assignments due and marks attained
  • Delegate household chores—there will be no arguments about who cleaned the bathroom last week

The list is endless. And it is a fun educational tool for the whole family. When your children see you getting organized with beautiful, professional looking charts showing clearly the who, what, how and why of your daily life, they too will be inspired.

Picture your children motivated in their learning. Children don’t always see the bigger picture but with Excel’s beautiful and colourful charts marking their school progress they will begin to understand the importance of their studies in the bigger scheme of life.

You can use the Excel charts to list motivational rewards for academic or sporting achievement. You can even use Excel charts as a financial incentive with a full colour graphic representation of how their saved pocket money is accumulating and close they are to their savings targets. What a great way to teach children about the importance of saving money.

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Your home is your business

Excel is the world’s number one productivity tool and it is equally at home in your home as in the business world. After all, an efficient home is just like a well-oiled business and one of the great advantages of Excel is not just its ability to record past and current events but to make predictions about the future using trusted mathematical formulae.

Imagine finely tuned order instead of chaos in every aspect of your home life. How many times have you been in the supermarket racking your brain, “what have I forgotten?” With Excel you need never forget items on your shopping list again. Keep track of stocks of your all your kitchen and bathroom products such as condiments and herbs and spices, cleaning supplies and other essential items and never run low again.

You can even use Excel to monitor your gardening with charts outlining planting times, fertilizer requirements or crop rotations in your veggie garden. If you employ a gardener you can keep an accurate record of hours worked and tasks completed along with a list of projected jobs so that you both know at a glance what is needed.

With Excel you can create a clear representation of your current earnings, tax liabilities, your superannuation, and insurance costs along with predicted rises in the cost of living to see how your life goals are shaping up. Can you afford that holiday? With Excel the answer is clear.

Wow, doesn’t that sound amazing? Like most people you probably didn’t know that Excel was so powerful. You want to join that exclusive club of Excel experts who are really going places but perhaps you think you don’t have the computer skills to do all those things and you don’t know where you can learn those skills. You recognize the need for a well-structured course to keep you on track but you can’t afford the time or the money to go back to school—and their hours never fit your busy schedule anyway.

Fortunately, the Blackford Centre has designed its Breakthrough Excel 2016 training course especially for people like you.

Powerful tools need effective training

Excel is truly one of the greatest tools for modern life but most people do not know how to use even a fraction of its potential.

Most Excel users learn by trial and error, and manage to use only the most basic Excel applications. It’s like using the latest Mercedes sports car to get some bread from your local bakery at the corner—an inefficient waste of time and money.

When you have the Excel training that a well-structured course can provide, you will gain the skills and the confidence to take your business or home organization to a new level.

Well now there’s an affordable Excel training course that will fit in with your timeframe and have you up to speed with all the latest, advanced Excel techniques. It’s time to make the breakthrough.

New, Breakthrough Excel 2016 training

Yes, The Blackford Centre is offering you this priceless opportunity to become an expert in Excel.

Most people, even those who have been using Excel for years use only a fraction of Excel’s enormous potential. Most people are familiar with less than 10% of Excel’s capabilities.

Now you can learn to produce professional quarterly or annual reports, project status reports, invoices, and much, much more all illustrated with stunning graphs. You can have facts at your fingertips when everyone else just has opinions.

Now is your chance to amaze your friends, family and business colleagues with your in-depth knowledge of Excel.

Take advantage of the invaluable opportunity the Blackford Centre’s Breakthrough Excel training offers you and invest in learning for life.

Here's another sample lesson - How to hide and unhide worksheets.

How will I learn?

Breakthrough Excel 2016 is designed to get you up to speed with Excel using your style of learning and in your time. That’s right, you learn at your convenience.

We provide a full raft of training:

  • Course videos demonstrating in a very clear way the important aspects of Excel that you need to know
  • Logical structure—with so much potential packed into Excel we focus on the really important tools you need and share them with you at the most appropriate time
  • Sample Excel files—these allow you to practise at your own pace
  • 24 /7 access to the online course components
  • Lifetime access to the course allowing you the opportunity to revisit material at anytime.
  • End of course test—pass with 60% or more and earn a Certificate in Excel 2016

You study at your place and your pace: no stress, no deadlines, no worries. Instructional videos are considered to be the latest and best innovation in modern education.

With video you control the speed of delivery and the volume. If you didn’t understand something you can rewind the video—you can’t do that in a real live classroom.

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Become an Excel power user

The course is suitable for beginners to intermediate users of Excel and its logical structure ensures that you won’t miss a trick; all the really cool Excel tools will be at your fingertips. Within a very short time you will be amazing your colleagues, family and even yourself with your new skills and knowledge.

Modules will cover the following major topics:

  • Basic layout of Excel and how to customize Excel
  • Opening Excel workbooks and worksheets
  • Formatting worksheets and changing cells, rows and columns
  • Entering numbers, dates, and text in cells
  • Creating auto fill lists
  • Converting data into tables
  • Printing in Excel
  • Formatting workbooks and worksheets including conditional formatting
  • Applying percentage ranges, data bars, and colour scales
  • Using calculations and mathematical formulae

Achieve 60% or more in the end of course test and you will receive a prestigious Diploma in Excel 2016. Below 60% you will get a Certificate of Completion. You have the opportunity to attempt two tries at the test, and will be credited for the best attempt.

We describe our course as comprehensive and it is because experts who have worked in the real world designed it. They know what you need to know and they share that invaluable knowledge with you: that is priceless.

We also know that your time in valuable and so we have designed this course in easily digestible chunks that you can absorb in your time, at your pace. And if you ever feel the need for a refresher you can review the course material at any point in your lifetime. Yes, that’s right—the course is yours to keep for life. That’s real life learning—that’s real value.

The Blackford Centre has been training people for excellence for more than 20 years. We give you the benefit of our experience so that you can make the breakthrough you have been looking for.

Now is your time to excel. Enrol in the Breakthrough Excel 2016 training course.

So how good is the Breakthrough Excel 2016 course?

Perhaps you have seen other Excel courses and you ask yourself, ‘what’s the difference—one course is as good as another isn’t it?’

No, that isn’t so. Just as not all apples are created equal, some courses will skip important information or will not take you through all the crucial steps. Typically, Excel training is too complex. The trainer rushes through topics that they are familiar with. It’s called ‘the curse of knowledge’. Trainers find it hard to put themselves into a learner’s shoes. But since we are sharply aware of this risk, we ensure that every topic is fully and thoroughly explored.

Our 20 years’ experience is your guarantee that the Breakthrough Excel 2016 training course is without equal.

In fact, we have so much confidence in the value of our course that we offer a full 60-day money back guarantee. That’s right you have 60 days to review and appreciate the outstanding value of this course and if you are still not happy we will refund all your money.

Look again at just some of the benefits this amazing course can offer you.

  • With convenient 24/7 access to online content and the ability to review the course material for the rest of your life you get to learn all the incredible tricks and tools in Excel at your convenience
  • Learn all the top productivity tools that make successful businesses hum and transform your business into a high-flyer
  • Gain a prestigious Diploma in Excel 2016 and make your CV stand out from the competition
  • Impress your employers, colleagues and friends with stunning useful graphs and charts
  • Organize your life and your time so that they work for you
  • Gain some stunning motivational tools for the whole family to enjoy
  • Increase your self-confidence with new-found knowledge and skills and go for that wage increase or promotion
  • 60-day money back guarantee

The Blackford Centre has been running training courses for around twenty years. Our courses are designed and run by experts in the real world; people who know their stuff and who know how to help you stretch your vision. Our goal is to train people like you to achieve your maximum potential, to go beyond what you imagined to be your limits, and to help you attain your dreams.

We know that we can make a difference in your life and when you enrol in the Blackford Centre’s Breakthrough Excel 2016 course you will start a journey that will transform your life. We believe in your potential. We know that you have so much more to offer your business, your employer, and yourself. We offer you the tools to make a difference in your life and now it is up to you to grab that opportunity. You will never look back.

Enrol now in the Breakthrough Excel 2016 training course and join that elite group of Excel experts who don’t rely on guesswork, who don’t spout opinions but who have the facts at their fingertips and who can prove it with stunning graphs and charts.

Don’t get left behind. Join the experts now with Breakthrough Excel 2016.